Includes: All typography equipments – EXPERIMENTAL EQUIPMENT

-Brush markers / flat markers

-type blocks (eng & arabic and punctuation) / mini print system


-arabic calligraphy pens / english calligraphy-fountain pens

-inspirational items?

-paint / ink/ pencils /

-types of different paper / experimentation

-xacto knife

-FIND MORE IRREGULAR ECCENTRIC OBJECTS that can give more tactile experiments of type ————more research!



Typeface design: (I will design a typeface in english and arabic using the glyphs app- to be used maybe in the project?) Going through the process of making a typeface, I will be testing the does and don’ts of type design (accumulated by research and application) and the functionalities of the glyphs app and make a resulting handbook out of it to include as an external addition to the KIT.



********If I have more time: maybe a small booklet of typematching, not filled with typefaces that are matched but rather a booklet presenting some guidlines to follow to find matches between typefaces: eng-arabic  /  eng-eng  /  ara-ara  / Another language?





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